Additional Information in Passaic County & Surrounding Areas

What Is a Septic?

A septic is comprised of several components. A septic tank holds the solids dispersed from the dwelling. From there the fluid drains off to an absorption area. That area could be a drainage field or a seepage pit. It collects the drained off fluid and is dispersed into the underlying or surrounding soil.

Some systems have more than 1 tank. While some may also pumps within a tank. Systems after 1990 have white PVC pipes sticking out of the ground by septic tanks and at the corners of the absorption area. These pipes ore tubes are called inspection ports. These markers also keep homeowners from building patios, sheds and planting trees in absorption areas

Do I Need a Septic Inspection?

No. The only time you would need a septic inspection or certification would be if you are selling your home. If you have a system that concerns you and you are thinking of listing your home, have an inspection to see where you stand before setting a price. Lately towns are requiring an inspection if you are planning an addition.

Time of Appointment

When we service your system we always check for baffles, the condition of the lid, deterioration of the tanks, and run back from the absorption area. If we find something wrong, we will make recommendations to repair or offer some referrals.

It is also important to notify the driver and or when you make your appointment if any changes have occurred or you have been noticing any problems. We will ask how many people live in your home and how old your system is. This will help us in determining how often it should be serviced.

If you have pets please keep them inside. We also ask that small children stay inside as well. We want to keep everyone safe when on site.

Reminder Cards

We will send you a reminder card once we know what is to be serviced and how often. You will receive your card one month before your due. Once you receive your card call 973-838-0438 to schedule your appointment.


We accept checks made out to Lakeland Septic Co., and credit cards ( VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover® ) at time of service. In order to minimize costs to our clients, we work COD.


It is important to ask questions and keep on a routine service schedule to empty collected toilet paper and sludge. We are always available to answer your questions an assist you in the proper service for your system.